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What is RSS?

Wouldn't it be great if you could get details of our latest offers and inspiring holiday suggestions delivered automatically to your computer? With RSS you can - simply subscribe, and as soon as we update our deals you can know about them!

How to use RSS

It's one of the most exciting developments on the internet today and we at Virgin Holidays wanted to help you experience it. RSS is a really easy way to stay up to date with everything that interests you without spending a lot of time on the web. Instead of searching through your favourites, search engines and links on the hunt for updates, an RSS reader will bring the latest info direct to you. It displays these updates in an easy-to-digest form either on a simple page or in an easy to use piece of software. Once you discover it you won't know how you managed without it!

So what do I need?

To use RSS you need access to a news reader. There are many different ones available but the most popular way to get access to these feeds is through a web-based interface (like many of the personalised homepage tools available today). There are also downloadable applications you can get which allow you to access RSS feeds. The main difference is that using a web-based one will allow you to access your feeds from any computer.

Some web browsers (eg. Firefox, Opera, Safari) offer support for RSS without the need for a reader. They can automatically check to see if a website has RSS feeds available and will then offer you the option to subscribe.

It's important to ensure when using a downloadable news reader that it is compatible with your computer.

A selection of links to web-based news readers are below:

How do I subscribe?

This depends on the news reader you have chosen to use, in most cases it is as easy as either dragging the URL of the RSS feed into your reader or by cutting and pasting the URL into the reader to set up a new feed. Please consult your RSS reader's documentation for guidance.

RSS feeds can be found on many websites (look out for the RSS logo on websites you visit) and are a great way to save time online. Virgin Holidays recommends you try them out and of course stay up to date with our best deals and most inspiring offers!

To access our RSS feeds either use the links below to add them to one of the named readers, or copy and paste the link into your reader software.

If you use one of the online readers below just click the logo to add the feed to it.

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